BioB Care Hair Shampoo

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300ml / 10.14 fl oz

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Your hair deserves to be cared for with special products. It’s one of the first things others notice about you. The formula of BioB Care hair shampoo cleanses and nourishes hair bulbs, moisturizes dry scalp, hair becomes soft, silky and shiny.

Prebiotics are a special active ingredient of the shampoo. It helps restore the skin’s natural pH level and balances the protective layer of the scalp that protects it from environmental damage. Thus, prebiotics have a positive effect on extremely dry and sensitive skin. BioB Care Shampoo is filled with the active ingredient – prebiotics that rebuild the microbiome of our scalp – the natural, protective barrier that protects the skin. The shampoo is equally effective for men and women. The shampoo protects against dandruff thanks to its rich composition, which contains ingredients that soothe and moisturize the scalp. BioB Care natural shampoo is designed for the care of even the most sensitive scalp, because it does not contain sulphates and other unnecessary impurities.

• Aloe and vitamin E moisturize, nourish and protect

• Balances the skin’s microbiome

• Soothes itchy and irritated skin

• Moisturizes the scalp, helps prevent dandruff

• Skin cracks heal faster

• Toxins do not pass through the skin

• Removes dead, flaky scalp cells

• 99% ingredients of natural origin

• FREE OF parabens, silicones and mineral oils

• Vegan formula

• Durable and sealed packaging

Apply a small amount of shampoo to the palm of your hand and spread it over your hands. Gently massage into the scalp and distribute the remaining product over the entire length of the hair. Repeat the procedure if necessary. If you use conditioner later, apply it only to the ends of your hair. If the shampoo gets into your eyes, rinse them well with water.

Naturally sourced and completely harmless ingredients with complicated names
Aqua (water), *cocamidopropyl betaine, *sodium lauroyl methyl
Isethionate, Glycerin, **Sodium Chloride, Inulin (Prebiotic Sugar), *Lauryl Glucoside, *Disodium Cocoamphodiacetate, Aloe Leaf Juice (Aloe Vera), Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Beta-Glucan (Oats), Parfum, Alpha – oligosaccharide glucan (prebiotic sugar), trisodium ethylenediamine disuccinate (derived from water), benzyl alcohol, **dehydroacetic acid, **sodium benzoate, **potassium sorbate, levulinic acid (corn extract), **sodium levulinate, benzyl salicylate (plant-based).

*Compound naturally obtained from coconut
**Salt of natural origin



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