BioB Dishwashing liquid

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300ml / 10.14 fl oz

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Can you imagine a dishwasher that takes care of your hands while washing dishes? Household chemicals are often associated with skin or body damage, but BioB dishwashing liquid works differently. This organic dishwashing liquid helps restore the microbiological balance on surfaces and prevents the growth of resistant bacteria. The powerful 3in1 formula will make your home kitchen economical and efficient. You will forget about household chemicals that you often use, because even a small drop of BioB dishwashing liquid can easily break down grease and organic dirt on dishes, sinks and even drains. It is a smart choice for modern families who have a meticulous and advanced approach to running a home.

Various cleaning products are offered to keep your home clean. But do they also keep you healthy at home? This organic dishwashing liquid restores the balance of good and bad bacteria, contributing to a harmonious home ecosystem. The BioB all-purpose cleaner is not only suitable for washing dishes, but also for cleaning surfaces.

Chemical cleaners can create the perfect environment for bad bacteria to grow as they kill both good and bad microorganisms. The temporary effect of chemical cleaners may be attractive, but in the long run it leads to antibiotic resistance. Probiotic-based products remove dirt by releasing friendly bacteria on the surface that clean and disinfect at the microscopic level. BioB Home products have a long-lasting cleaning effect that lasts up to 8 days. Not only does this result in a cleaner home, but also stronger immunity, less risk of infection or allergies, and better indoor air quality. You can forget about different cleaners and spending on them, you only need one BioB All-Purpose Cleaner.

• Protects hands from drying out

• Longer protection against germs

• Easily lathers, cleans dishes thoroughly

• Suitable for baby dishes/bottles

• Balances the environmental ecosystem

• Prevents the growth of resistant bacteria

• Unscented, with the option of choosing the desired scent by adding essential oils

• Kills bacteria that cause bad breath

• Breaks down grease and dirt in the sink and drain

• Safe for use in private wastewater treatment plants

• Durable and sealed packaging

Put a few drops of cleaner on a kitchen sponge. Rinse the dishes with water or in a clean bowl of water. Then wash the dishes with the prepared sponge. After washing, rinse dishes and hands with water.

Purified Water, < 5% anionic surfactants, < 5% non-ionic surfactants, glycerol, preservative, probiotic bacteria.



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