BioB Pet Anti-allergic pet spray with probiotics “PET Relief”

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300ml / 10.14 fl oz

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In stock

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With the joy that a pet brings to your home comes the responsibility and challenge of keeping your home clean and sterile, especially if there are children living in it. This is easily possible thanks to the PET Relief anti-allergic liquid spray
probiotics. No more unwanted bacteria!

The amazing thing is that this anti-allergy spray not only neutralizes irritating microbes and particles that your four-legged friend brings home, but also coats the surface with probiotics. Probiotics are good bacteria that protect the microbiome of living organisms and ensure a strong immune system. Anti-allergic liquid spray “PET Relief” with probiotics covers surfaces with a microbial layer that protects against various pathogens. Neutralize unwanted bacteria and microorganisms and create a safe environment at home.

• To limit the spread of pathogenic bacteria and create favorable conditions for strengthening the immune system

• Safe to use where food is prepared

• Safe to use around pets

• Prevents the appearance of pathogenic bacteria

•Made of harmless and natural materials

• Coats surfaces with an active layer of probiotics

• Does not irritate the skin of the hands

• Durable and sealed packaging

Spray the product from a distance of up to 1 – 1.5 m from textiles or other surfaces. Do not use the product so intensively that the surface becomes very wet. Allow the surface to dry after spraying.

Purified water, probiotic bacteria, less than 5% non-ionic surfactants, preservative (2-bromo-2-nitropropane-1,3-diol)



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