Through many years of medical improvement, we have finally found a way to defeat bad bacteria. We developed antibiotics. But as any living organism bacteria evolved and little by little became more and more resistant to antibiotics. That means that bacteria that survive antibiotic treatment mutate and become resistant to that type of drug. Therefore, further treatment requires increasing antibiotics until ultimately the bacteria become fully resistant to the antibiotics and the disease can no longer be cured. What will be world look like then? We will face:

Do we have a way out? Probiotics against bad bacteria

The use of probiotics instead of chemicals to control pathogenic bacteria on surfaces has been shown to have numerous benefits for the immune system. Why probiotics? Probiotics are good microorganisms that naturally fight to re-build the balance in ecosystems and eliminate the pathogenic bacteria by natural selection. Medical studies have shown:

Keep your home environment protected

The great changes once were made with the smallest steps. We can start with our home environment. Research suggests that the use of probiotics instead of antibiotics may help decrease the rate of the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. With BioB Home products, it is possible to balance the ecosystems by washing our daily dishes or even cleaning the house. The products are so natural and probiotics-rich that you can clean a baby’s dishes with them. Can it be a stronger argument for caring parents?

A well-balanced BioB Home formula will let you make your home environment safe and healthy. Studies have shown that probiotics are beneficial to both livestock and humans.

It is crucial to pay attention to antibiotic resistance as a global public health issue. Our natural environments have been significantly affected by selective pressures introduced by antibiotic use. That has led to the rapid emergence of antibiotic-resistant microbial strains. Using probiotics instead of antibiotics to treat certain health conditions in humans and animals may alleviate these antibiotic-mediated selective pressures. Make your wise choice by choosing home care products enriched with probiotics.

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