Our Story

Every creator has a wish to develop something extraordinary. BioB team faced it in 2010 when we realized the importance of the balance of microorganisms in our lives and decided to step into the world of biotechnology.

Ever since our goal was to bring balance to everyone’s daily hygiene, home, and overall environment. Nature is extremely wise and gave us all the tools we might need to harmonize our natural barriers and create a body-friendly armor that protects and even heals us itself. Our aim is that our production enables you to nourish such abilities. 

Developed by highly qualified and competent scientists within well-equipped R&D facilities, BioB products are completely nature-based. Every touch of our body care products is carefully measured to nurture the human skin‘s ecosystem. We put a lot of effort and love into the products we produce to ensure microbiological balance and health for your skin and the environment around you.

Biob team took a commitment to producing wholly sustainable and biodegradable products packaging. We use sugarcane plastic – a renewable source that needs little more than natural rainfall to grow. It is now that we have to stop and begin to cherish our generous motherland. 

Biob team started this journey as a small team of professional and passionate people, and now we want to take you along with us. 

Together we can make one step further at a time to a more responsible, healthier, and naturally wealthier life.


To help every person and environment achieve the optimal physical and psychological quality of life.


To provide every person and every environment with the possibility to improve their physical and psychological quality of life through our innovative bio-solutions.

Core Values

We are entrepreneurs, but customers’ needs are our top priority.
We don’t like to overcomplicate things, so we keep it simple.
We do the right thing, even if no one is watching.
We constantly research and make improvements because we strive to be the best.