Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, the product is suitable for the whole skin of the body, especially for irritated and damaged skin. Prebiotics nourish the skin microflora which restores the skin, accelerates healing processes, creates a healthy skin microflora barrier that protects against external contaminants, infections, irritation.

The products improve skin condition by strengthening and restoring the natural microflora of your skin. Microflora creates the natural barrier and protects the skin from dryness and other external factors. That is why BioB products reduce the risk of dandruff.

Our products are completely natural, but the sensitivity of all of us is individual. Sometimes even water entering the eyes can cause discomfort to the child. The product is gentle and suitable for babies and children. So far, we have not received any complaints that our products caused eye irritations.

Our BioB Baby line is for babies from the very first days to early adolescence. We recommend using our BioB Care line for 15 years and older. BioB Care is balanced for both mature and younger skin.

Creams made by BioB do not have SPF filters but can alleviate the condition of the skin, soothe it in the event of overheating in the sun or frostbite in harsher weather conditions.

It is recommended that BioB production be consumed in 24 months after opening.

The BioB brand takes a very responsible approach not only to the environment but also to animal welfare. Thus, our body cosmetics lines are NOT tested on animals.

It is recommended not to store BioB products in direct sunlight or at temperatures above + 25C. It is best to store in a dark, cool place.

Yes, BioB Home line dishwashing liquid is 100 percent bio-natural, so you can use it to wash all your baby‘s dishes.