Doesn’t it feel just great to belong to something good and meaningful? Is it possible to provide undeniable care for yourself, your home, and environment as well? Or maybe you sometimes feel alone with your problems, needs, and values? At BioB we are here for you, and we CARE.

What is #MillionsCare?

Millions of good bacteria and prebiotics in one drop of BioB skin and home care products. Millions of small little pieces that are ready to take care of your health like no one else.


We have created a community where you can feel safe and cared for. There are too many skin conditions and we are here to help live with them. Probiotic and prebiotic skincare is the future. This is not just an ordinary skincare, this is a lifestyle, a new beginning and your new ordinary. Begin your transition to a better and more sustainable life.

Social initiatives and events

So far the only initiative we can imagine is support for Ukraine. We will donate 2 euros from every purchased product to “Blue/Yellow” organization which already managed to collect and donate 18.5M euros! When things will get better we have plans for some social events and initiatives. 

People share:

You can join our #MillionsCare community by many ways:

– Contact us if you have specific skin problems and would be interested to try our help and participate in social initiatives;
– Try our products and share the results;
– Subscribe to our newsletter and always be up to date on our educational articles and upcoming events or offers;
– Share the hashtag #MillionsCare and spread the news.