After the birth, our baby had faced intestinal problems, which caused problematic skin - atopic dermatitis, dry spots, skin rash. All the family doctor's advice is ineffective. The situation for our child just got worse. BioB saved us! Jacob had a probiotic supplement, but I have never heard of prebiotics. The baby's skin is currently smooth, nourished, and shows no signs of atopic dermatitis!
- Jolita, the mother of the 5 months old Jacob –
I am so delighted that I have saved so much money. While using BioB Baby cream for my baby girl, there was no need for extra cosmetics. I use BioB for the face and whole body. It also helps to prevent skin from nappy rash and wounds. We never had skin problems, and I am sure, that it is because of the miracles that BioB Baby line products do. My sincerest recommendations.
-Giedrė, the mother of the 1,6-year-old Juna -
After the second month of my pregnancy, I could not stand any aroma, especially in the shower gel or shampoo. It was impossible to use even the most natural ones, fragrance-free cosmetics because they made me feel sick. When I shared my sufferings with my friend, she suggested trying the BioB Care line. I was shocked! My body tolerated the scent perfectly. BioB products were my rescue. I suggest them to every pregnant woman.
-Sandra, 3 months pregnant –
BioB cosmetics was our family discovery. We found it most effective when the weather gets cold, the skin becomes dry, rashed, and allergies begin. The products are ideal for even the most sensitive skin that Cornelia and I have.
- Katazina, the mother of the twins Cornelia and Donatas –
My scalp is so problematic: dandruff and oily hair. I was skeptical about Biob products at first because I have tried lots of cosmetics, but none worked. After plenty of recommendations, I have finally tried it. It only took a few hair washes to see the results: goodbye dandruff and oily skin.
- Ingrida, 45 m. -
My husband has atopic dermatitis, and it was enough for him to use this product for a few days until he noticed that the symptoms of dermatitis had eased, the skin looked healthier, the redness and rashes were gone.
- Neringa, cosmetologist, 32 years. -
I use BioB every day! The skin became more elastic, the cream quickly absorbs and does not stain clothes. My husband was seriously ill and was lying in bed, causing bedsores. I was applying BioB prebiotic cream while the doctor prescribed medication. To my great surprise, the bedsores ceased to deepen, the reddened skin fading.
- Daiva, 75 years great grandma -
My son has an allergy to colds: his skin is red, crushed, and cracked in winter. I started using BioB products, and the allergy symptoms disappeared.
- Eglė 46 years -
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We can fight off allergies in a natural way!

According to medical studies, up to 30% of the population in developed countries suffers from at least one atopic disease, such as allergies, asthma, and eczema.