BioB Baby KIT – Healthy Child

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In stock (can be backordered)

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BioB Baby is a baby care set that will soften the heart of every mother. Parents attach great importance to cosmetics for children, because what we care for our children can determine the condition of their skin. The BioB Baby set is distinguished by the fact that it perfectly nourishes, moisturizes and protects the skin of babies and children. The products are filled
with prebiotics that protect and strengthen the skin’s protective layer and restore damaged and irritated skin. It’s a gift every child deserves!

We all have special holidays. Then we want to make our loved ones happy with something special. Children’s cosmetics is an area in which we value qualitative discoveries. Wouldn’t we like an easy decision on what to bring as a baby shower gift? Can you imagine a better Baby Shower?
a gift for a beloved friend or sister? Or maybe you think it’s a special baptism gift? The BioB Baby care set for babies includes cosmetics for children that are completely safe and care for even the most delicate skin. The prebiotics contained in it soothe the symptoms of dermatitis and allergic rashes in newborns, heal wounds and rashes.
If you want to make this gift even more special, we will pack the baby care set in a high-quality BioB box. It’s the perfect gift for a baby shower, birthday wishes, christening gift, housewarming, or maybe just a nice thank you from mom to mom.

We understand how important it is to give something that is of high quality, aesthetic and useful for children’s skin and health. Children grow quickly, so it is very important to protect their body, which is possible thanks to BioB Baby cosmetics enriched with prebiotics. Or maybe you don’t have to wait until the holidays? Get this baby care kit for yourself or
give it to your loved ones without any occasion. Let’s take care of each other!


Kit composition:

BioB Baby shampoo with prebiotics:

BioB Baby Prebiotic Moisturizer:

BioB Baby Wash and Bubble bath with prebiotics:


For exclusive packaging, you can purchase a specially adapted Premium box:

Note: The premium box pictured is not included in this set.



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