BioB Home cleaning products are known for their natural and safe composition for the home environment. The good bacteria (probiotics) in the clean are living microorganisms that effectively protect the home from the growth of pathogenic bacteria and thus create a sustainable home environment.

Cleaning products with probiotics ensure impeccable cleanliness: perfectly cleans contaminated surfaces, removes even stale unpleasant odours, fights the appearance of mould. Last but not least, BioB Home products have a positive effect on human health: reduce the likelihood of diseases and allergic diseases, strengthen immunity. The products do not contain any aggressive, allergenic substances, strong fragrances, so they are safe to use near children and pets.

Don’t just clean your home on a surface-level – deep-clean. BioB Home products were designed to not only wipe off dirt but have a long-term cleaning effect that lasts up to 8 days. So these products continue to work for days on their own, you ask? Exactly. Here’s how we can ensure that.

Enriched with safe, friendly bacteria, BioB Home products quickly dominate surfaces with highly active probiotics, leaving limited resources for harmful bacteria and viruses. Unlike chemical-based products that kill all bacteria in sight – good and bad – probiotic-based cleaners are a healthy and sustainable way to restore natural balance in your home’s ecosystem when cleaning. This not only leads to a cleaner home but also better immunity, reduced risk of infections or allergies, and improved indoor air quality. Safe for people, pets, and the planet.

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