Most of us leave a significant plastic-print mark on Earth. That has become a huge problem all over the world. We hope you will agree, that it is not how we want to express our gratitude to the place where we live, dream, and love. So, what could be done on our behalf?

A fully recyclable plastic package

Sugarcane plastic is a great renewable source that is fully recyclable in the same way as oil-based plastics. If you need a benefit on top, we will mention that while growing the sugarcane
contributes to photosynthesis and produce oxygen to the world.

Why sugarcane is like a desert rose?

How sugarcane can be named after bioplastic? It is derived from biomass – the sugarcane. The amazing thing is that sugarcane can grow on land that can’t be used for anything else and helps recover the soil. It is not a pampered plant at all.

A renewable and sustainable source

It is true! Sugarcane plastic is a sustainable substance made from renewable package material. Sugarcane plastic is considered an environmentally friendly material. The sugarcane is transformed into bio-ethanol – plant-based alcohol. This bio-ethanol can be used as a petrol substitute or make plastic that is molecularly identical to traditional plastic made from fossil fuels.

Sugarcane removes CO2 from the air

It is counted that every kilogram of sugar cane plastic produced removes 3.09 kg of CO2 being removed from the air. As it grows, it requires nothing more than sun and rain. This plant is so simple that basically while the sugarcane grows, nature receives more benefits than the plant itself.

As strong as fossil-fuel plastic

You might doubt that sugarcane plastic might have some minuses. Maybe not being as strong as fossil-fuel plastics, then you are wrong. Sugarcane plastic is so firm that we couldn’t even part it from usual plastic.

The sugarcane mainly grows in Brasil lands. Approximately 2000-2500km away from the Amazon Rain Forest. Sugarcane has a much higher yield than maize and cereals and is, therefore, a highly efficient raw material to produce ethanol. Sugarcane plastic allows us to enjoy multiple benefits without having any significant disadvantages compared to conventional plastic.

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